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AXIS magazine Vol.184 / P093-096 PAPER ATTRACTION

10th anniversary of Kami No Kousakujyo

at Living Motief AXIS building 1F
This project started from February 2016,
I think I could work on deeply this project together with people at Fukunagashikou.

Old and New lines across.

New Year has started and new projects, new space!
Wish to have great year again!


We moved to new place!
Oy space open as our showroom and studio.

more information

h ttp://





Shodoshima WorkShop 29th November 2015

new item"book" has been released. from O y


interview on Mylo
answering 10 questions.


Now we will start new enviroment!

filter is selected for the exhibition , KEEP IT GLASSY 2
at Shanhai Museum of Glass

19 APRIL 2015 - 31 MARCH 2016

Shanghai Museum of Glass
685 West Changjiang Road
Baoshan District
Shangha, China

welcom 2015 !!

leaves fall under the tree, and ground becomes a tree _ Autumn 2014

became a shape as it should be_30th Oct. 2014


Daikanyama Design Department

at 代官山 蔦屋書店, Tokyo
24th Oct - 3rd Nov
what you see in a circle → experiment for an project_ 20th Oct 2014


O y / objects page has been updated
_1st September 2014


New products from O y will be released
bench from O y , and kop from Oue
shown at "FOR STOCKISTS 2014"
Place / Jiyugakuen in Tokyo
Day / 3rd - 5th Sep. 10am-6pm

ORDER ENGAGE RING_ K18YG and Keshi Pearl, and resin box

new item, cups and plate will be released at BRKLYN DESIGN_ 9th-11th May
more items from O y will be shown, and I will be there.

illustration by Ryohei Yoshiyuki

girls' brooch for 布博 in Kyoto on 22nd / 23rd March 2014

girls' brooch version 02 >>> JPY1800 + tax _19th March 2014
    U U U
sooooo ROUND!_7th March 2014

note / which has many space to draw and write your thoughts, ideas... I always need tape to repair
_18th February 2014

this is the place to gather tapes


_18th February 2014

29th January 2014
2014 start
The exhibition is finished.
Thank you for all people visited, and seeing this website.
We had precious time talking to people.
Hope to have the chance again in the future.

nice year!
mi futa / JPY 3675~
writing caption _ 18th December 2013
3 days left > 21st, 25th and 26th
rim / JPY2415~
gram 50g / JPY8190
girls' necklace / JPY16800~
filter pins and pierced earrings / JPY 2625~
a ring / JPY3990~
solo exhibition/ Oue in space inframince

Oue in space_inframince
_"gram" released and Oue solo exhibition

27 Nov- 26 Dec 2013


inframince access


picture of blue_1st October 2013


After the use of A4 size sanding paper_27th September 2013
I had returned cutting die, I can see marks from his handwork.
_ 18th September 2013

O y / objects page has been updated
_1st September 2013


New products from O y will be released
Place / Jiyugakuen in Tokyo
Day / 4th - 6th Sep.

 new colour! from mag*net*ic RINGS
_ 31st August 2013
patterns from wood peices
_the exhibition at graf "Personal vol.1"


"Personal Vol.01" at graf_Osaka

2013.6.25 - 7.15
Open / 11.00 - 19.00
Close / Monday
Place / graf_ Osaka Japan

mountain in the city_ 12th June 2013
new road is following the grid, looks like a carpet on the road_9th June 2013 

ー                              ー


kao  earrings consist of dot, square, bar and circle earring
5,250(incl. tax)_29 April 2013

14 April 2013_ had a workshop using wrapping paper, plastic bags ribbon with Satoko Sakamoto and Akemi Tamura in Shodoshima.

a origami bucket made of blue plastic sheet

brooch made of plastic bag_picture by "ei"
     the window to look up the sky / in the class room of Shodoshima High School_10t April 2013


>> y - O - k
31.Mar - 10.Apr / 2nd
Ryohei Yoshiyuki to job
Kurasuhito Kurasutokoro

view from "ei STUDIO"
nice package found at painting supply shop_29 March 2013
O y / objects page has been updated_13 March 2013
colours are showing the passage of time / old books
04 March 2013
found a pattern on wire mesh_02 March 2013

Japan Railways at the station_nice colour!

_22 February 2013

colour_GRAY BEIGE from the door

08 February 2013
colour_BROWN from marks              colour_LIGHT GRAY from the wall 
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