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gram (2012)

project for "t i l d e_Object01", inframince co.,ltd

50gのはこ / 100gのはこ
50gram box / 100gram box

material / wood

made in Japan

manufacturing by simple wood product
photograph by Kiyotoshi Takashima
sales by inframince co.,ltd.


A 100g box made of cedar is bigger than a 100g box made of oak.
It is neither the size of a postcard nor size of an A4 of paper, but it is the size of 100g.






above_50g below_100g / from the left oak_teak_maple_walnut_cider

50g  100g / 左から シラカシ・チーク・メープル・ウォールナット・スギ




Each kind of wood has its own characteristics, its own colour, pattern, and weight.

These boxes have been crafted from woods of varying weights.
They are designed to look as if they have been cut straight from the tree.
The boxes have been made not to match a certain length or width, but a certain weight.
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